Why You Should Not Hesitate to File Mechanics Lien

When you have finished a project in a property but the owner has not given you your paycheck, you can actually file mechanics lien. You might hesitate to do this because you want to avoid the hassles of litigation. But if you understand how Texas mechanics lien law works, you will know that actually it will only benefit you. Here are some reasons why you should not be afraid to file mechanics lien.

It Gets the Debtor Moving

The case is actually very simple. You file the lien because you want to get your payment, thata��s all. Unfortunately, there are many reasons why the contractors will neglect their obligations to pay you. But whatever their reasons are, once the lien is claimed, they definitely will start moving and pay you.

Furthermore, mechanics lien will not only bring the contractors to the case, but also many other parties that could be related to the case such as the property owners and lenders, if the property is purchased via a loan. Not only it will make the case faster to solve, there is also a high chance that you will get even more payment because of this.

It Is Rarely Disputable

After you file the lien, things will not suddenly turn into rainbow and stars. There is still a chance that the contractors will fight back and dispute the lien, claiming that you failed to do the job right. However, unless you really messed up your job, this kind of dispute rarely happens.

The contractors will bear pretty high cost due to the mechanics lien, especially for the lawyera��s fee. So, most of them will just pay you straightaway to avoid more complications. As long as you file the lien properly, it is almost certain that you will win the case and you will get the payment you clearly deserve.