Tips to combat Nerves and make your wedding magic


A romantic proposal, the fun of being a fiancée, the excitement of planning a wedding – but then the day fast approaches and nerves set in.

Here are some tips on how to reduce your stress and have a magic wedding day:

  1. Change the word nervous to excited. Both words have the same emotion, but excited is a positive way of expressing it. So when asked you how you feel – reply excited.
  2. Don’t organise on the day – The planning phase is the time to take care of the details, not the day itself. It’s like going on holiday – you need your passport and wallet everything else can be worked around. For your wedding getting married is the essential everything else can be worked around.
  3. Stress levels drop after the ceremony, as at that point it’s done – you’re married – so now to help people relax and enjoy consider entertainment for your guests. Professional wedding magicians are a great choice – they are socialites who mingle and pick up on any guests who are not part of the crowd and bring people together. Brides and Grooms mingle so much speaking to guests, that being able to relax is an important part of the day. Hiring a professional magician means you hear applause, see relaxed guests, smiles and laughter exactly when you want to. It avoids a dead point directly after the ceremony and let’s guests know that you’ve thought about them.
  4. The Speeches – can be long, short, emotional, funny. – It just doesn’t matter – at the end of the day they are there for you to enjoy. If you’re worrying about them then it defeats their purpose.
  5. Make your day unique. A ceremony, photographer, meal, cake and disco is a winning format, but predictable. Entertainment such Close up magic breaks the mould – close up wedding magic is unexpected and creates the wow factor with illusions – magicians can work in any environment inside or out, entertaining guests of all ages – regardless whether it’s during the disco – magic is visual.
  6. It’s your day, how obvious yet how so often forgotten – Unique means memorable, perfect means forgotten. Enjoy the ups and downs of the day and have a day to remember.