Things You Need to Know About 2017 Essex Power 100

Only several days left until the Essex Power 100 list will be announced. While waiting for the committee to finally publishes 100 most influential public figures in and from Essex that made it to the list, leta��s find out some interesting facts about this event.

This list will features 100 power players from various sectors. Some important businessmen, millionaires, athletes and politicians in and from Essex are highly expected to appear on the list. In addition, the public also expect some popular names from the entertainment industry because those people also have contributed a lot of things for Essex. Even though the committee keeps their lips tightly sealed regarding who will be on the list, it is speculated that local singers, rappers and reality TV stars are included in the list.A� Furthermore, the public are allowed to suggest prospective candidates for the list.

This Power 100 list is powered by Walk of Fame UK. This cultural exhibition was first established in 1980 by Brighton born international composer and producer, David Courtney. The walk of fame has become one of the most attractive cultural attractions in UK and it has featured so many important public figures like football athlete Thierry Henry and singer Amy Winehouse. David Courtney also stated that his organization was very proud to be a part of such a prestigious list that gives recognition to the power players of Essex. Besides Walk of Fame, this Essex version of Forbes list is also supported by more than a hundred of local businesses across Essex.

Nicholas Taylor, a prominent Sussex lawyer was appointed to lead the governance of the curation process. Furthermore, besides of the main list, it is said that some breakaway lists like Most Powerful Women in Sussex or Most Influential Person Under 30s will also be published. The main list will be published on October 27th at exactly 7 PM.