The Price to Pay: Screen Fixed iPhone repairs services Price for iPhone 7

Looking for a deeper understanding about Screen Fixed iPhone repairs services price for iPhone 7? I still remember about the day Apple Inc. introduced iPhone 7 to the world. People who wanted to have an iPhone and iPhone users were all in an outrage. When Apple finally release the product, people all over the world lined in front of Apple store to get their hands on an (or many) iPhone 7. This, of course, is another sign that Apple has managed to sell their products to the fullest, with old enthusiasts and new fans buying their latest iPhone product.

With the coming of iPhone 7, iPhone repairs services hastily upgraded their services. They race to be the first one to be able to ‘fix’ and iPhone 7. Screen Fix, as one of the leading iPhone repairs services in Australia, is sure to already upgrade their spare parts stock and their engineers’ capability. Screen Fix can fix your iPhone 7 and that should tell you how competent they are in the first place.

A new problem arose though. For you people who are not familiar with Screen Fix, you will have a hard time getting a guess on how much Screen Fix will charge to repair your iPhone 7 (and its more powerful sibling, iPhone 7+). Fortunately for you, I am here to remedy that problem. This article will serve to tell you about the prices that you need to pay to get your iPhone 7 (if you already have one. Chances are you already have) fixed if there are ever complications with that luxurious smartphone.

But like usual, a quick history of iPhone 7:

iPhone 7 is the new flagship smartphone of Apple, replacing iPhone 6. This particular smartphone introduces new colours, and the lack of headphone jack. The latter design choice sparked controversy though, and people have been asking for the headphone jack to be returned. All in all, it comes with a stronger processor than 6, yet 7 still retains the same design with it.

Now comes the topic of the day: maintenance fee. Because it is still considered a new product, do not be surprised when the prices of the parts are a little bit steep. If you ever need to replace your screen, you have to part with a whooping amount of $499. For the + one, you have to pay $599. For every other parts (batteries, home buttons, charge port and camera) the price is between $90 until $110. Both back cover costs $199.

To end it all, there you have a short detail on Screen Fixed iPhone repairs services price for iPhone 7.