Koh Management Accounting Firm

In business, regardless of how big your company is, nothing is as crucial as accounting. One of the key aspects of accounting, especially for the purpose of tax planning, is undoubtedly the bookkeeping. Bookkeeping, which is also widely known as the record keeping of a company, is used to refer to an organization’s or a company’s important financial documents such as journals, income tax records, ledgers, and also financial statements. A great bookkeeping makes all the difference for your company, not only does it help you avoid audit from revenue agency and penalties from CRA, it also helps you to track the overall financial growth and health of your company.

However, finding a good and reliable accounting firm singapore isn’t always easy, more so the one that is not specialized in bookkeeping service, but also a wealth of other accounting-related services such as the all-inclusive accounting and reporting service, tax computation service, merger and acquisition service, and many more. Not only that, Koh Management Pte Ltd does only offer a full fledged accounting service, it also offers services that are tailored for corporates with the aim to streamline existing business practices and young entrepreneurs with the aim to help them to navigate their way in the industry with their startups.

  • Corporate services offered are listed as follows:

o    Accounting Service

o    Audit service

o    Corporate secretarial service

o    Incorporation service

o    Striking-off service

o    Merger and acquisition service

o    Payroll service

o    Virtual office service

o    Tax advisory service

o    Office rental service

  • Entrepreneur service are listed as follows:

o    Quarterly Young Entrepreneurs Networking session

o    Consultancy service

o    Assistance on accounting, tax, as well as payroll consulting at an affordable price

With a large number of high profile clients such as Keira Flora Pte Ltd, The Kalories Pte Ltd, SEO Geek Pte Ltd, Unifide Pte Ltd, and many more, its reliability is second to none.