Investa Club Invest Smarter

Investa Club, We are an investment club “An investment club is a group of people who pool their money to make investments”.

We do not invest in the stock market,

We pool our members funds together and provide business loans to companies earning our members an average 3% monthly return.

Do you have a savings account or 401k and earning little to no interest

Investa Club members make an average of 3 percent return monthly of usable income, deposited into their account monthly.

Investa Club has a network of businesses that will pay you 3 percent or more monthly to borrow your money.

Your bank and 401k provider has been doing this for years, and they pay you pennies on the dollar.

But at Investa Club not only do you make more in interest monthly, you also have access to investor portal to see who’s borrowing your money, how much interest is charged, when payments are due and when payments are made.

You can start your account with as little as $500.

call us today to setup your free no obligation meeting at our office or in the comfort of your home. That’s 1-844 954 6837 or visit us at to download free informational brochure.

Investa Club has two types of Memberships


  1. Investor Member (Can be anyone)

“Investor-Members are members that give their money to Investa-Club to Invest for them, normorlly earning the Investor-member a 3 percent return monthly. ”

  1. Borrowing Member (A Business)

“Borrowing-Members are members usually companies that need to loan funds from Investa-Club to fund difference projects the Borrowing-Member may have.”