How to Renew Car Registration Without Any Hassle

Here in Dubai and practically in all UAE, car registration must be renewed annually. There’s a severe punishment for those caught driving vehicle with expired registration. The problem is the process for renew car registration can be time consuming and it can also be confusing especially for foreign nationals living in Dubai.

The government body responsible for vehicle administration, RTA, has new regulation and set new process to simplify car registration renewal but it is still quite time consuming. It would be hard to get one day off just to take care car registration renewal. But you don’t need to worry about it any longer because there’s one stop service to help you will all things related to car ownership in UAE. Renew My Car Registration is the one that will do all hassles on behalf of you making sure the car registration is renewed on time. This company is licensed by RTA so there’s no hesitation needed. All services provided are fully compliant with local regulation. Not only registration renewal, this service also offers assistance in related matters such as RTA fine payment, RTA vehicle inspection, insurance renewal, and other things.

How this service works? You can easily imagine it as a premium valet service. It’s very simple and easy. You will only need to visit the website and choose Renew Car Registration. There’ online form to fill and submit to book appointment. On the scheduled day, the staff from this service will come to pick up the car and all required documents. That’s All! You can sit relax or doing your daily routine while the staff will bring the car for mandatory RTA inspection and handle all paperwork for registration renewal. Once the process completed, the staff will bring the vehicle back to your place along with all documents and renewed registration.