4 Facts about Reuben Singh

Do you know about Reuben Singh? He is an English man that was famously in the middle of 1990 for the retail business. In his country, he is regarded to be a successful businessman developing the links and branches of the business. Are you interested in a successful businessman figure?

Having the Retail Company of Miss Attitude and Alldaypa

Reuben Singh is a man born on September 20th 1976 in Manchester, England. He is an English businessman famously in the country with his companies. He had Miss Attitude to be the first business. This is a store selling women’s accessories including hair clips, cosmetics, and many more. It was firstly launched in 1995 in Manchester Arndale Centre. To support the growth of Miss Attitude, he developed a business company called Alldaypa. But, after the growth rapidly of his businesses, he appears controversy recently regarding to the richness and transaction.

Managing Big Traders in Manchester

Reuben Singh was born from rich family managing big traders in some areas. He comes to England in 1970 having a family house in Poynton, a prosperous village in Cheshire. The business areas are Manchester, Sabco, and some businesses in Canada. Can you imagine how successful he is? He holds some strategic market target areas.

Gaining the Success in a Short Time

As a businessman, Reuben Singh can open dozens of stores for a night in English in short time. Even, he is able to open hundreds of stores. Due to his success, he started to appear in media with his successful story. In the early report, it reported his wealth about £ 10 million. It is so fantastic sucess story of a businessmen. The success of Reuben Singh is gained when he learned for his A – level in William Hulmes Grammar School.

Selling Miss Attitude in 1999

In 1999, Miss Attitude is sold with the transaction value for £ 22 million. It brings his wealth to be £ 45 million. It increases the amount of income for Miss Attitude take over so that Reuben Singh gains much profit.


How to Find a Flat to Rent at Decent Price

Looking for a flat to rent can be a very frustrating experience. It is obvious you want to find a flat where you can live comfortably and suitable for your needs. Not only that, you need to make sure that the rental fee is feasible for your current financial condition. But it would need a lot of time and resources searching and visiting one flat to another and not to mention negotiating the rental fee with the owner and not to mention you often deal with those agents.

Here in UK, especially in the big cities, housing is a big issue and no wonder the housing price is relatively high. As consumer you need to have knowledge about the current rental value to help you determine the right flat to rent at a proper place. This is the reason why you need Rent Companion to help you find a flat. First, it is important to inform you that Rent Companion isn’t a real estate agency nor a rental property directory. This online service is designed to help consumers get the most updated and unbiased information about local rental rate so they can make the right decision to rent a property at decent price.

Rent Companion makes it very easy to find out the right rate for property rent. You will find price check app on the website allowing you to check the average rate of certain type of property on certain area. This powerful price check app is based on in depth research and survey to ensure its accurate data. You can also use its price comparison to determine the best deal you can get. Don’t hesitate to contact this online service. They will be happy to help you with any question. There’s no more reason to worry because you can find a decent flat to rent with their help.

Alabama Real Estate Investors Association: Tracking your leads


In a recent article, we wrote about the importance of tracking your leads. Brian Trippe recently sat down with a student from the Alabama Real Estate Investors Association to discuss the importance of tracking leads and how to do it effectively.

First it’s important to keep track of every lead. If you are using a software like podio, you need to be updating your leads as soon as they come in. We get so busy during the day that it’s easy to say “oh I can just add them later.” The problem with this is that you may forget that small bit of information that can make you the sale!

The old saying “The fortune is in the follow-up,” has never been more true, especially in the real estate industry. The importance of tracking leads is to know where each lead is in the sales funnel. The only way to know that is to ask questions, update your leads and follow up consistently. At Alareia.com we teach our students to use a wide variety of tracking systems with the intent being to follow up more often, with an organized agenda, to set more appointments.

When you follow up with your clients if you remember that they were a huge Alabama Crimson Tide fan, or that they like fishing, it makes it easy to rekindle the conversation and will show potential sellers that you not only want to help them, but you also listen to what they have to say. It’s a lot easier to rekindle a conversation by saying, “Hey Don, how did your fishing trip go?”

Remember, in any situation you should always keep in mind, how can I bring value to the seller and how can I help? We recently published an article in Huffington Post about the giving mentality and how being selfless in the real estate industry can help your business exponentially. Keep this in mind with all of your potential clients as you are discussing their needs. If you kept track of your conversation and found out that a family wants to sell, but they don’t want to go through the moving process, then suggesting that you can pay for a moving company (A few hundred dollars) may close a deal that will make you thousands.

If you can closely keep track of your leads, follow up accordingly and show sellers that you genuinely care your likelihood of closing a deal will go up exponentially. We always stress the importance of using systems to do this, as the real estate sales cycle can often take months-years and its nearly impossible to track all of this on your own.

For more information or other questions, please reach out www.alareia.com

How to Responsibly Earn Money from Tradelines

Having debts actually is not always a bad thing. As long as you always pay it on time which allows you to build good credit score, your trade lines can actually be a source of extra income. So, what exactly can you do to earn money for your tradelines?

Well, it is actually pretty simple. You are basically let someone else with a bad credit record to piggyback your credit account so that they will be eligible to borrow money from the bank. We all know that it will be very difficult for a person with bad credit score to take new credit. This is why those people will need your help.

You can let those people to piggyback your credit card for a price. Your good credit score will help improving their bad credit score so that they can get the loan they want with reasonable interest. As a token for your service, you as the cardholder will be paid with a certain sum of money. How much money you will receive per month will differ according to how many people are added to your credit card as well as the history of your credit card. The older the age as well as the higher the limit of your credit card, the more cash you can earn from your trade lines.

To find someone who needs to piggyback your credit card, you will need to contact a trade line company to act as a middleman. This way, the company will match you with someone according to your credit history. The company will also carefully screen everyone so this act will not pose you to any risks. This is definitely a great way to make money since you only need at least one credit card with a good record. The more credit card you have, the more money you can make.