Top 5 Resources For Small Businesses

When running a small business, resources to help you plan, maintain and succeed in your business are pretty plentiful. Yet, like many other things in life, some are better than others. Knowing which ones work, or offer the most useful information, can often be like looking for a needle in a haystack. So here, in no particular order, are my Top 5 resources for small businesses.

Small Business Administration

Although primarily for the North American market, the Small Business Administration, or SBA, continues to offer one of the best support networks for small businesses everywhere. Now over 50 years old, the SBA promotes free competitive enterprise so that even the smallest business can succeed. They offer numerous invaluable services, including sourcing financing for your project, expert advice from successful small business owners themselves, SBA programs on employment and business laws, special interest business groups and much, much more. If you are serious about starting or running a small business in America, this should be one of your first ports of call.

Almost every small business starts off as an entrepreneurial idea. Sure, it may turn into a large multi-national conglomerate (just look at Richard Branson and his Virgin empire), but 8 times out of 10 any small business starts as a one-man band. So the information to be found at is well worth your time. Offering you the opportunity to sign up for free and advertise your business via IncBizNet, is designed exclusively for small businesses to find like-minded business people and network. The site also allows you to host a blog, post free press releases and much more. For any small business owner it is an excellent starting point.

All Business

Just like the name says, All Business is a fantastic website that has pretty much everything and anything you need to help you start, run and expand your small business. The site is very well laid out and shares expert advice on franchising, labor laws, marketing and advertising and how to complete legal forms, as well as offering tutorial videos from experts in your industry. It even has a Business Purchase Free Quote Center, enabling you get a free, no-obligation quote from vendors that sell the products you need.

Microsoft Small Business

Okay, so it might seem strange to recommend a behemoth like Microsoft – yet as much as he is often a figure of fun for many, Bill Gates is one of the key proponents of helping small businesses get off the ground. Whether it is making anonymous donations to thousands of small businesses with great ideas, or providing excellent small business tools with his various software solutions, his Microsoft Small Business Center is an extremely useful stopover for any small business owner. One of the prime reasons for this is that it is truly international – simply select your country from the menu, and you will be taken to a hub that is full of the business information you need. With articles, tips and software all leading to your success, the Microsoft Small Business Center should be added to your bookmarks today.

IP Based Business Communication System in Dubai

Good communication is one of the most crucial factors of business operation. Telephone based communication system has been a backbone of business communication system for many years including but with the rapid development of digital technology and internet network, online based communication system offers much better solution even at more efficient cost.

It is a good decision that to improve business communication system at your business facility from landline telephone based to VoIP based system. But of course, it won’t be a simple thing to do. This migration means new hardware and network installation as well as choosing the right software and system for the network. When you need the most reliable business communication system you need the most trusted provider and installer. Here in Dubai, you can always trust Office Phone Systems. This company is specializing in IP based business telecommunication system to different home or office requirements. It is committed to deliver the best solutions to support your business and for that, this company can provide different types of packages covering hardware, server, networking, and software including the installation process to set up VoIP telephony system for all scales of business.

Among its flagship solutions is Voip PBX Systems for office communication systems. The system is optimized to meet different types of business from all scales. Based on internet network, the PBX system offers seamless integration between one business line to another while also offering many features. It can integrate voice call with video call, instant messaging, and other tools and features as needed. This company provides different types of PBX system from top leading manufacturers and providers. Clients have full control to choose the right package based on actual needs and budget. No matter what kind of business communication system you need, don’t hesitate to call this company and ask for assistance. Their professional staffs would be more than happy to help you find the right solution.

Things You Need to Know About 2017 Essex Power 100

Only several days left until the Essex Power 100 list will be announced. While waiting for the committee to finally publishes 100 most influential public figures in and from Essex that made it to the list, let’s find out some interesting facts about this event.

This list will features 100 power players from various sectors. Some important businessmen, millionaires, athletes and politicians in and from Essex are highly expected to appear on the list. In addition, the public also expect some popular names from the entertainment industry because those people also have contributed a lot of things for Essex. Even though the committee keeps their lips tightly sealed regarding who will be on the list, it is speculated that local singers, rappers and reality TV stars are included in the list.  Furthermore, the public are allowed to suggest prospective candidates for the list.

This Power 100 list is powered by Walk of Fame UK. This cultural exhibition was first established in 1980 by Brighton born international composer and producer, David Courtney. The walk of fame has become one of the most attractive cultural attractions in UK and it has featured so many important public figures like football athlete Thierry Henry and singer Amy Winehouse. David Courtney also stated that his organization was very proud to be a part of such a prestigious list that gives recognition to the power players of Essex. Besides Walk of Fame, this Essex version of Forbes list is also supported by more than a hundred of local businesses across Essex.

Nicholas Taylor, a prominent Sussex lawyer was appointed to lead the governance of the curation process. Furthermore, besides of the main list, it is said that some breakaway lists like Most Powerful Women in Sussex or Most Influential Person Under 30s will also be published. The main list will be published on October 27th at exactly 7 PM.

Filing of Income Tax Returns in India


The Government of every country applies the tax on the specific income for affording its various operations.  It’s known as income tax. There are two types of these taxes, firstly known as direct and second is indirect. Income tax is direct tax.  Indirect tax includes excise, VAT and services tax.

Instead of financing of Government operations, these taxes play an important role to aid in dividing wealth among the whole population of that country.  These taxes make strong the country economically. Income tax payments in India are performed according to provisions applied by Income Tax Act. According to this Indian Tax Act, income from following sources is taxable.

  • House property income
  • Salaries of Specific Amount
  • Profits of profession and business
  • Profits from Capital
  • Income from other sources

Taxes from all these resources are sum up according to Income Tax Act. According to income of an person, tax rates vary in India and these are referred to as Income Tax slabs. During the budget, these rates are revised each year. These taxes are calculated on the yearly basis.  According the law, the Indian financial year starts on 1st of April and end on the 31st March of the following year. Income Tax filing deadlines for the financial year 2017-2018 are following.

  • For non Audit Cases, Last Date of return filing is 31st July
  • For Audit cases, Last date of return filing is 30th September

How Salaried Individuals file their income Taxes

Salaried persons file their income tax returns through form 16. The employer issues this form to the employees. Form 16 contains their income details.

Different types of documents are required for income tax filing. You must need to keep ready these documents before filing the taxes. These documents include investment bills and proofs, Form 16 and Form 16A.


Income Tax Returns (ITR) are the statements and proofs of your income from various sources. These are resources are details of tax paid, liability of tax and other payments that are eligible to receive from the Indian Government.

How to claim the refunds of paid taxes?

If you have paid extra taxes, you can claim refunds form tax departments.  These can be claimed through filing your tax returns. After claiming these returns, you need to track your refunds and make sure your refunds are transferred to your bank account in time.

Late Income Tax returns filing

To avoid the penalties for non- filing of tax returns, you need to file before the deadline.  There are different charges applied by government for individual.

With the e-filing system, It is very easy and simple to file income tax returns. You can easily file Income Tax returns from you office or home at any time.

Understanding the GST Returns

For updating their invoices Indian businesses and taxpayers file certain returns with Indian Government.  In these returns, all transactions are sync to each other. Between sellers and buyers, there are no unattended transactions. Its tale starts form gst return filing GSTR-1.  Whole data is collected in GSTN where it can be accessed by all users at any time.


Trusted Electrician in East Killbride

High electricity bill can be really bothering because it cost you a lot of money, something that’s difficult to afford these days. No matter how you try to use electrical appliances wisely, it won’t significantly reduce the bill. The problem could be the electrical system at your house. It may be too old that it’s no longer able to deliver optimum energy efficiency. What you need is to upgrade the electrical system for better performance.

Old and worn out electrical wiring can cause voltage drop and power loss and not to mention old circuits or light bulbs to make the efficiency even worse. Upgrading and improvement of home electrical system becomes a big necessity. Since it is going to be a big project with even more crucial goal, this can’t be handle by any electrician. The wisest option is to hire the best Electrician East Kilbride and for that you need to hire Mr. Electric. This company is a contractor with expert electrical service. It has been serving clients from East Killbride and surrounding area with top reputation from its high-quality service, friendly staffs, and also very competitive rate.

Mr. Electric is a NICEIC approved electrical contractor thus all services provided are compliant with all technical, industrial, and safety regulations. This contractor has team of highly trained electricians with extensive experiences handling different electrical projects from small household to large industrial scale. You can call this contractor and discuss with the staff about your plan for home electrical upgrade and improvement. The staff will assist you with complete information and provide cost estimation for your project including scheduling home electrical inspection at your place. It is guaranteed you will be satisfied with the rate for the project and even more satisfied once they completed the project. Your home electrical system will be more efficient and the electricity bill will be significantly reduced.

What You Get from Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Cleaning carpet is hard to do sometimes. You have to consider many things including the material, type of detergent, cleaning tools, and many more. Instead of doing this complicated job by yourself, let the expert helps you. For your recommendation, you may take the services offered by carpet cleaning Christchurch. What they can do for you?

Experience in Carpet Cleaning

This service has over 10 years of experience in carpet cleaning. Each year, they learn more and more so they know what you need as well as the best way to clean your lovely carpet without adding more problems. Experience is not enough without expert team. To make it perfect, this carpet cleaning service is also supported by professional team which can handle your carpet in detail.

Environmentally Friendly Service

Some services don’t really care about their environment as long as they can clean your carpet they will do everything. It is different than this service. They want to satisfy you as well as keep the environment safely. That’s why they only choose environmentally friendly materials and detergents only. As the result, it doesn’t harm your children, pets, and of course the carpet itself.

Fast Drying Process

Waiting wet carpet to dry is time consuming. It will be a problem if you have to use the carpet right away. You don’t need to worry about it anymore. This carpet cleaning service has the latest system which can dry the carpet faster. You don’t have to wait a few days only for waiting the carpet dry! Just wait for a few hours and you are ready to use the carpet just like before.

The Latest Carpet Cleaning Equipment

The process can’t be done well without the support from the latest and powerful carpet cleaning equipment. They know that high tech and effective equipment is the key to clean the carpet perfectly. That’s why they know the detail of the equipment and when to use it. Everything is under control and you will see a clean and smell good carpet soon!

6 Aspects that can sink a new business

When setting up a new business, or trying to improve the working processes of an experienced firm, there are several key aspects that you need to consider to make sure your company is properly protected.

Cash Flow

The saying really is true, Cash flow is king and without proper regular income, a business can sink. It makes sense to have some kind of overdraft facility, however the interest charges alone can hurt your profitability. Depending on the industry you work in, asking for payment up front or a partial deposit can go a long way to cover your costs. It will also help to weed out any potential non-paying customers before you commit to start work for someone, potentially protecting you from significant loss. It will also act as a way to reduce your own personal liability as you won’t have to invest quite as much of your own money into any venture.

Legal Protection

Legal protection is an absolute must. Some industries such as solicitors or personal advisers are legally required to carry professional indemnity insurance. This product is designed to legally cover you and your customer in the event that your advice leads to a detrimental loss for a client. Most businesses that interact with the general public will be required by law to also have Public Liability Insurance as a minimum. Getting advice from a specialist is absolutely crucial, otherwise you could be under-insured which could lead to you being liable for any proceedings undertaken against the company.

Labour costs

Fixed staffing costs are the largest expense of most businesses. Zero hour contracts have hit the news recently and have come under fire for not offering staff the same benefits of rights as full time workers. Another way to reduce the costs of your staffing bill is to consider outsourcing short term work to a freelancer. There are a very good selection of freelancers available on sites like, this includes digital marketing, advertising, IT support, creative writing and graphic design. Whilst you won’t be able to physically see these workers, they work hard and tend to respond quickly to enquiries. A ‘gig’ usually comes with the option of revision, so you can be reassured that changes can be made to work that you are unhappy with.


Refunds can play havoc for any industry, having to pay back revenue that may have been invested elsewhere can be a big problem. You may want to consider setting aside a contingency pot of money that you can use for refunding business. This way, you will be able to reinvest revenue back into the company with a reduced risk of having to source finance to credit a customer.


Variable overheads such as energy, telecoms and insurance can often catch businesses by surprise. In all three situations it pays to shop around. Energy prices can fluctuate on a daily basis, so making sure you are on the right tariff is essential. When your business insurance renewal comes around, it’s really important to go back to the market and try and get a better deal. Insurers rely on new business, so you can leverage this to get yourself a great deal. Old insurance policies tend to stagnate with out of date terms & conditions and offer poor value, so it makes sense to change insurer. Speaking to a specialist adviser can also ensure you have the right level of protection for the industry that you are in.

Marketing Budgets

marketing budgets are on the rise and are recognised one of the most difficult elements of a business to get right. For some, this can be the expense that sinks a company. Advertising effectively can end up costing a fortune, especially if you are looking into open ended methods such as Adwords. Digital campaigns can quickly generate significant costs, as they are usually dependent on how many ‘clicks’ you may get on chosen keywords that a business may target. You may want to ensure that you place an upper limit on any campaign, a cap on advertising spend is the only way to advertise safely. Other more predictable options such as display marketing would be worth considering. In more recent years, facebook advertising has proven to be very cost effective, you can also join local sales groups just like Daisy and Baby did, they started their business purely by posting in local for sale groups on facebook.

It can take months of trialling various options and strategies to find out what works for you, every business is different so make sure you don’t waste too much money during this testing phase – work out an affordable budget and stick to it.


Online Directory for Toll Free Phone Numbers

If you notice you often find call center numbers started with the same three digits: 800. This is actually a code for toll-free number. It you don’t need to pay when you call that number, instead all calls will be billed to the owner of the number. Call centers of business entities, brands, or organizations are usually use toll free telephone number as a service to clients or customers.

There will be time when you need to call a certain call center. You may need more information about certain program or may want to complaint about certain product you bought. The call center number is usually printed on the packaging of the product but in many cases, we lost it and it could be a real hassle trying to find the right call center number you want to call. Moreover, there are too many companies having call center and it is impossible to remember all call center numbers. Fortunately, there’s one solution to make it so much easier. What you need is the most comprehensive directory of 800 phone number online. You can find it here at, the one stop online business phone number directory. It has big list of toll free numbers from many different organizations ranging from business, non-profit, government agencies, and many more.

It’s more than just a big list. The main purpose of this online directory is helping users and customers to easily find call center number right when they need it. This directory has categories based on the field of industry. It would be so much easier to search within certain category. It is even faster with powerful search menu to narrow down your search. Now, there’s no reason you can’t find the call center number you need. This online directory will be so much helpful.

The Money Coach You Can Trust

People may say that money isn’t the most important thing but let’s be real, what can we do without money in this modern world? Just like most other people, you wake early in the morning than working hard all day long to earn money for a living. But no matter how hard you have been working, it seems like you’re still struggling to reach your life’s goal. Don’t you think there’s something wrong with your financial life?

If you don’t take any drastic action, your life will always be the same and you are spending most of time working hard while still worrying money issue. Don’t let your life be controlled by money. You’re the one who supposed to control money to enjoy life. It’s time to start a new phase of your financial life and the one you need to guide you is Matt Sapaula, the Money Coach. He is a well-regarded financial coach dedicated his professional life to spread financial literacy. His focus is empowering middle class to improve their financial life with big goal of achieving financial independence. His program, Money Smart, has been helping many people reach their financial goal and it becomes well known nationwide as it has been featured on national TV shows.

How this financial coach can help you? What you need is to join the Money Smart program. It is focusing on coaching you how to manage your financial life so you can really take charge as it is gradually improving, it leads you to become financially independent. This program will include comprehensive financial analysis to reveal your actual situation, that you may not realize it yet. It is also including one-on-one coaching with Sapaula himself. This session allows you to let him know about your goal and the coach will help you with the real plan to significantly improve your financial management.

Not Just Ordinary SEO Online Course

You will never be too old to learn something new. The opportunities are opened wide for anyone from any background to learn new skill and knowledge to help them become more competitive in professional world. Like when you are thinking about learning SEO method. SEO is highly demanded skill these days and mastering this skill will help you build a better career path.

There’s always a way to learn SEO method autodidact. There are many learning resources available online or you can learn it from many books about this theme. But not all people are fast learner and able to learn everything alone. It would be better to have a tutor who will teach and help you to master SEO technique. This is the reason you are highly recommended to take seo training class online from Zeqr. By choosing online course, you will get very flexible schedule and learn from your own home while you have capable teacher and solid training curriculum. It guarantees that you’ll master the skill and able to practice it in real world.

Zeqr isn’t just another online course provider. This is an online platform built as the bridge between experts and professionals who want to share their expertise and experience with people who want to learn new knowledge. This platform also has advanced tech to provide high end features to make online training more effective. It is ranging from real time video calling, real time screen sharing, and many more. Each class session is like you learn directly from the tutor. There’s no reason to hesitate. You can choose from different SEO courses offered by different course providers through this platform. Choose your preferred one and enroll the course and it is guaranteed you will get the knowledge and the skill as expected. Join Zeqr and learn something new today!