Office cleaning and its various steps

In an innocuous aspect, office cleaning involves many steps. Here are the main ones. To find the best professional adapted to your needs, do not neglect, for your part, the stage of the consultation .

Cleaning office:

The office cleaning service became professional. It is no longer a matter of presenting oneself with a feather duster and dusting piles of registers or polishing a bronze plaque. Today, cleaning technologies are available to trained and graduate staff to tackle highly specialized cases.

The office cleaning crews, led by a team leader, must be familiar with the various floor and wall coverings in order to know the detergent suitable for the surface treatment. For each type of surface, the agent must use the appropriate product to ensure maintenance and longevity.

Specialized office cleaning companies

For an office cleaning agent, all premises are different. The standardization process will be particularly useful in defining, together with the client, delicate, fragile or sensitive elements to be cleaned with caution. Office cleaning Melbourne is the best one company with hits low cost and reliable services.

The client of an office cleaning service may request a specialized disinfection service, in particular during an influenza pandemic situation. For example, the cleaning agent should pay particular attention to the disinfection of telephones and switchboards, door handles and sanitary installations.

The tools used for office cleaning are usually lighter than those used in commercial or industrial areas. Thus, rather than a brush-disc brush, the agent should instead use manual dusting, polishing and washing activities. It is a job that requires more care than in the context of a production site, for example. In this way, the agent must take care to vacuum the carpets, remove the fingerprints and wipe the handrails.

The steps of an effective office cleaning by a cleaning agent

The office cleaner will start by reading his intervention schedule, in order to know what time of day he must work within the premises of the client. It will then take into account the action plan in order to determine its entire course. It will thus be able, before the beginning of its mission, to bring all the products and tools necessary to the accomplishment of the cleaning service.

Among the different stages of office cleaning, we include:

  • Dusting of furniture, radiators and computer equipment;
  • Aeration of offices (eg opening windows);
  • Wiping furniture, handrails, and touch surfaces of elevators;
  • Disinfection of surfaces likely to contribute to the spread of germs;
  • Cleaning of sanitary facilities;
  • Complete cleaning of floors.

The commercial engineer of the office cleaning service will take care of the extent of your needs and the size of the service. Office cleaning services Melbourne is the best company in regards to the cleaning.





2017 Tech Trends to Watch


The year 2016 is very quickly becoming history and we’re still trying to catch up.  Technology is now building fast and changing the very way we go about our daily routines, let alone our leisure.  It’s not only the appliance technology that’s groundbreaking but the business models and the vision that are set to bring us into a new world altogether.

What is the Internet of Things?

This is a so-called new industrial revolution based on customizable services and network-linked technology, of interest to the individual consumer.  This includes new technologies like electric micro-grids, appliances offered as a service, and even car insurance offered by the mile, not the monthly contract.  In essence, it’s pay-as-you-go working arrangements, and it could change the way many established businesses deal with their customers—specifically regarding contracts and long-term commitments, which seem to be going out of style.  The appliances can collect and exchange data and can even be controlled remotely, allowing for everything from enhanced home security, to fast online games and even “smart homes” or “smart cities” which are partly run by automated software.  Projections say that by 2020, 50 billion objects will be connected.

Virtual Reality – Not Just in Gaming

Yes, it is safe to say that video games will become more virtual environment-based with free world roaming and immersion in the near future.  However, virtual reality technology is progressing far beyond entertainment, education and distraction.  Skyping and FaceTime-ing are just a sampling of how VR can change the way we talk to family, talk to co-workers and virtually attend places across the world.  Not only talking is in our future, but teaching, spending time with family DOING things together through a shared platform, is a future reality.  

AI is Your New Customer Service Representative

You may have read a lot about AI (artificial intelligence) experiments gone wrong in recent months, but laugh while you can for now.  In the near future, AI is going to start becoming a part of modern commerce.  We’re already seeing bits and pieces of it incorporated in Smart TVs and Amazon hands-free speakers, along with other appliances.  But in the future, expect to be entertained by smart Robots who can figure you out pretty quickly based on your most recent searches/purchases.

Better Than the Movies—Modern Home Theaters

Home theater technology also continues to grow and with more of a market for online, cable and Blu-Ray than going to B-movies, there are better options coming to the couch than there are to the theater.  Not only are TVs becoming more powerful with improved resolutions and deeper color ranges, but there are also surround sound speakers, 3D TV viewing experiences, and our favorite—the seats!

While most people don’t associate the seats with technology, comfortable seats are actually what make the theater experience good over the long-term.  Modern seats have designed with comfort in mine, such as lumbar and upper back support, dual cushion systems that allow your weight to be evenly distributed, premium foam that invites you to stay seated, and motorized recliners.  

A spokesperson for Elite Home Theater Seating says that it’s about designing consumers what they want, rather than what fulfills the merchant’s needs.  “Frankly, there is no comparison between home theater chairs, which are designed for day-long comfort, and movie theater seats which are designed for two hours of sitting time and then a hasty exit. Comfort is just as important as style when it comes to home theater seats.”  

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