The Benefits of Good Credit Control Procedures in a Small Business

Credit control is important in a business especially for small businesses. This means that every small business should ensure that it collects its outstanding invoices. Some small businesses in the UK let their uncollected invoices accumulate which ultimately affects their cash flow and also the performance of the general business. This problem can be attributed to poor credit control and lack of knowledge on the benefits of good credit control procedures in a small business.
One of the primary benefits of good credit procedures in a small business is that there will be sufficient funds to ensure that the business runs smoothly. The outstanding uncollected invoices mean that the business has some money which is deemed to be available but cannot be used in the operations of the business. This is especially a major issue in a small business which might not have enough funds to run the various operations without collecting the outstanding invoices as required. This makes it paramount for a business to ensure that it has set down good procedures of credit control so as to ensure the business runs smoothly with sufficient funds available.
Having good procedures is also important since it enables the business to know its reliable and trustworthy clients. This is because having good procedures in place will enable the business to explain to its various clients when and how the invoices will be collected. The reliable clients will keep to the payment terms and will ensure that the invoices are ready by the time stipulated by the credit control procedure. Through this the business can identify the clients that keep to their payment terms and therefore it becomes easier to extend credit to such clients since they keep their word.
Another major benefit of having a good credit control procedure in place is that the businesses are able to plan properly. This is because a small business with good control procedures will be able to know the money it has and the money to expect. As a result, the business will be able to budget even on the uncollected invoices since the laid down procedure will ensure that the outstanding invoices are collected on time. A business can even get outsourced providers of credit control services who will ensure that all the outstanding invoices are collected on time. Having outsourced providers will give the business time to concentrate on other issues regarding the growth of the business. Furthermore, some outsourced providers even pay for the uncollected invoices and then go ahead to collect the invoices after the stipulated dates. This gives the small business the assurance that funds will be available on time to run the various operations of the business.
Good credit control procedures that enhance collection of a businesses outstanding invoices are also beneficial because it allows a business to control credit limits. Small businesses in the UK should have a limit of the credit to be extended. This means that these businesses should have a limit of the outstanding invoices. When the outstanding invoices surpass the set limit, the business might not be able to extend credit to other clients. But with good credit control procedures the small businesses will be able to set limits and therefore be able to extend credit to other customers and also to those whose outstanding invoices have been collected. Therefore, it is paramount for a small business to have good credit control procedures in place which will enhance their collection of outstanding invoices.

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The Simplicity of Renting a Car in Abu Dhabi

United Arab Emirates is famous for its beautiful skyscrapers, huge shopping malls with a variety of products ranging from cheapest to most expensive, the collection of exotic cars and many more. The World’s tallest residential and commercial tower now rests in United Arab Emirates i.e. BurjKhalifa, and many more mouth-watering locations for tourists and adventure lovers. World famous five star hotel Burj Al Arab is also among the top tourist destinations to visit. Among all these beauties the capital of the country, Abu Dhabi also attracts tourists not only because of its peaceful environment, but some more beautiful places that are not in Dubai the business hub of the capital. Where Dubai is famous for its fast track and eventful lifestyle the capital of the country is famous for its peaceful environment, beautiful beaches, big malls and some thrilling and adventure filled waterparks also theme a car in abudhabi

With so many places to visit the first question that pops-up in the tourists mind is the mode of transportation. Department of Transport of Abu Dhabi has realized the need for public transport due to it’surban expansion and increasing tourists attracted by the capital and it’s other cities. Capital’s bus transport system was launched in 2008 and since then the network has grown. As a gesture of good-will the Abu Dhabi government operated these buses free for the residents, and gradually as the years passed by, bus system now operates on the card system which needs to be recharged by scanning on the machines mounted on the each bus stop. This rule implies to residents as well as tourists on the visit visa. For people who are willing to travel on their own and own an international driving license can rent a car in abudhabi. Renting a car has its own benefits, i.e. you are not bound to public bus timings, and also you are not on the verge of missing your favourite event because the bus you were to board was late or you miss your, as the name suggest is the one stop for you to rent your favourite car and drive just by a click of a button. You can browse the website search cars from different rent a car companies operating in the Emirate. Whether it’s Belhasa car rental service or Advantage rent a car service this website is your one stop for all the car’s you are willing to drive while you stay at one of the most eventful country of the world. 4×4, economical sedans or luxury car’s, choose your preferred car Visit them at

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