Billing Time Made Simple

These days, freelance working becomes more and more popular. Many professionals are preferring to work as a freelance due to its freedom in term of work schedule and independence from any structural institution. However, freelancing also comes with the challenges especially when it comes to administrative issue such as client billing management.

Many professional working as freelance usually charge their service based on the work hours. The clients will be billed based on the hours spent to complete the task or project. However, tracking billable hours may not be as easier as it seems especially when you are working independent. You need to make sure to track billable hours accurately to provide reliable proof to the clients when you send them the invoice. Thankfully, now there is a solution you can really rely on. Let me introduce you with Alpaka Puch, the simple billing timer app. The main idea of this app is billing time made simple. It is designed for would be freelancer, professionals who are working independently, as well as small businesses to time and track worktime and billable hours. This is a mobile based software compatible with major mobile platforms including Android and iOS allowing you to have powerful and reliable billing timer right in your pocket.

This is more than just another timer app. Alpaka Punch comes with powerful features optimized for billing management. It has intuitive user interface allowing you easily start and end a session of work and record its billable hours. The features allowing you to merge multiple timers into one record of billable hours of a project. All records can be integrated with Alpaka online account manage clients and projects comprehensively. This mobile app required a subscription with the Alpaka online service. However, you can try its trial version to learn more how this app will make your work so much easier. Find the download link and user/password for the trial version on Alpaka’s website.

Effective Techniques for Academic Essay Writing That You Can Use Today

Academic Essay Writing for Dummies

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The Importance of Salon Insurance for Your Business

The first thing that comes to your mind as you see Saloninsurancequotes is perhaps the thought of how ridiculous it seems. We all know that there a lot of types of insurance in the today’s world and we are all aware at how beneficial they can be for us if we ever come to a point in life where we need the coverage; otherwise it is just another expense that goes to waste. But one fact that we are unaware of is the extent of insurance types because we clearly have never heard of salon insurance up until this day.

Before you brush off the need to ever purchase a coverage, we dare you to answer a simple question of whether or not your business matters to your. Without a doubt, the answer is yes. At this point you may not realize the need of purchasing a salon insurance coverage for your salon, but if there comes a day where your salon stumbles upon an issue, realize that it will most likely result in a serious financial strain. When this happens, your salon is not the only one that will suffer from the aftermath – you and your employees will, too.

In order to eliminate this unpleasant risk, as a business owner you must take a clever approach and what better way to do so other than purchasing a salon insurance? There are a few types of different coverage offered by as you can see in the following list:

  • Tanning salon insurance
  • Beauty therapist insurance
  • Nail technician insurance
  • Hairdressing insurance
  • Massage therapist insurance
  • Makeup artist insurance

Regardless of which type of insurance you choose, you may rest assured that each of them will cover your business from any likely public liability claims. Being in the industry, you can be absolutely sure that these claims can be considered common, and without these types of coverage your business will most likely suffer. Get your insurance quotes over at