It’s Time to Become a Specialist!

The competition in the work environment is getting much tougher. Only those who really have what it takes can advance to a higher career path. You need to build good credentials to qualify for better job position. What you need to get your career advance is becoming a specialist. Yes, having an expertise in a specific field has better value than becoming a jack of all trades.

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How to trade the news with profit by Coensio

There are many professional traders out there that are very successful in ‘news trading’. Trading on news releases gains more and more in popularity because many institutional traders are willing to share their secrets with us (retail traders).

So what is their big secret and why it is so hard for us to reproduce their success? In this short post we will cover the basic concepts of successful news trading.


Market mood synchronization

As many professional and experienced traders say: in order to be profitable you must become “one” with the market. This basically means that you need to be fully synchronized with the current market conditions. You need to know:

  1. What the current market mood is (risk on? or risk off?)
  2. The global fundamental picture (the macro economic and political view on the market)
  3. What is the current market sentiment (bearish? or bullish?)
  4. Which currency is strong and which is week? (e.g.: divergence in fundamentals)
  5. And finally what are the upcoming market news that can disturb this global picture (high impact news)

In order to be fully synchronized with the market you need at least to have access to real time news sources. The market mood can change in a split of a second, and it takes time and many years of practice to fully understand the current market conditions. In most cases, retail traders are lacking skills, knowledge and do not know where to find proper source of information. They simply try and lose money in the process.

Week vs strong currency trading

Let’s assume you already know how to understand the current market mood, so what is the best practice for trading the news releases? The most simple strategy is to:

  1. Select one week and one very strong currency (according to the current fundamental picture)
  2. Prepare to trade “short” in direction of week currency and “long” for strong currency
  3. Monitor the news outcome and enter the market in first few seconds after the news is released and trade in direction that is confirmed by the news outcome. If the news outcome is positive for strong currency: trade long, and if the outcome is negative then trade short

The biggest challenge in this strategy is to react really fast. In most cases the market moves just in few seconds after the high impact news is released. In this strategy you are competing with professional traders, banks and hedge fund managers. So the key here is to enter fast and exit even faster after few pips of gain (scalping method).

Using statistical advantage

The first trading method as described above, is for the majority of traders too risky and too difficult. But there is another, simpler way of trading news. In this strategy we will use statistical advantage of the news outcome and market reaction. Using this method you need to:

  1.  Have access to historical data for related currency pairs during several past news events of the same type (e.g.: Non-Farm Payrolls news, on EUR/USD)
  2. Analyze the market moves during the previous news releases and try to find a stable correlation, e.g.: when NFP numbers are positive the EUR/USD goes down because of stronger dollar. If you see that this behavior is stable for all previous news releases you can use this information in your advantage and create a “winning edge”.
  3. Trade execution is similar to previous strategy however in this strategy we want to concentrate on the longer timeframes.


Trading news is not easy but can be very profitable and it is the most widely used trading technique among professional currency traders. This short post only scratches the surface of the news trading topic. There are many tools and platforms to simplify news trading. If you want to learn more about possibilities in news trading visit and read coensio blog on: How to trade news.

The Simplicity of Renting a Car in Abu Dhabi

United Arab Emirates is famous for its beautiful skyscrapers, huge shopping malls with a variety of products ranging from cheapest to most expensive, the collection of exotic cars and many more. The World’s tallest residential and commercial tower now rests in United Arab Emirates i.e. BurjKhalifa, and many more mouth-watering locations for tourists and adventure lovers. World famous five star hotel Burj Al Arab is also among the top tourist destinations to visit. Among all these beauties the capital of the country, Abu Dhabi also attracts tourists not only because of its peaceful environment, but some more beautiful places that are not in Dubai the business hub of the capital. Where Dubai is famous for its fast track and eventful lifestyle the capital of the country is famous for its peaceful environment, beautiful beaches, big malls and some thrilling and adventure filled waterparks also theme a car in abudhabi

With so many places to visit the first question that pops-up in the tourists mind is the mode of transportation. Department of Transport of Abu Dhabi has realized the need for public transport due to it’surban expansion and increasing tourists attracted by the capital and it’s other cities. Capital’s bus transport system was launched in 2008 and since then the network has grown. As a gesture of good-will the Abu Dhabi government operated these buses free for the residents, and gradually as the years passed by, bus system now operates on the card system which needs to be recharged by scanning on the machines mounted on the each bus stop. This rule implies to residents as well as tourists on the visit visa. For people who are willing to travel on their own and own an international driving license can rent a car in abudhabi. Renting a car has its own benefits, i.e. you are not bound to public bus timings, and also you are not on the verge of missing your favourite event because the bus you were to board was late or you miss your, as the name suggest is the one stop for you to rent your favourite car and drive just by a click of a button. You can browse the website search cars from different rent a car companies operating in the Emirate. Whether it’s Belhasa car rental service or Advantage rent a car service this website is your one stop for all the car’s you are willing to drive while you stay at one of the most eventful country of the world. 4×4, economical sedans or luxury car’s, choose your preferred car Visit them at

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What You Can Get Online

The best thing about internet is there are almost unlimited information available online. We can find many different information even the strangest one online. It can be really helpful and practically can make our life even much easier. Let’s admit that today, we rely on internet a lot when it comes to fast and reliable information.

One thing we do a lot using internet is looking for location of certain things. It could where to buy certain products or getting the address of the nearest plumber or other services. Wouldn’t it be so much better when you can locate address or location of everything you need in one single place. It will save a lot of time browsing through search engine result list. Here’s the happy news, what you wish is granted! Here in you can easily find address and location of almost anything. Using its Locations Near Me features, you can get information about many businesses, public services, and other things near where you live. Thinking about getting a pizza for dinner, find the pizza stores near you. Or you need replacement parts for your car, find the auto shops near you. It is really that simple and it is very useful.

Being able to locate what you need easily will make your life more efficient. But don’t forget, it also depends on how you can manage your own schedule. Yes, efficient scheduling is an important as it will greatly affect your ability to manage time. It would be better to have a custom calendar made to manage your scheduling. This is another good news from internet. There are tons of free templates for calendar you can download. Like here at you can find wide selections of Calendar Template you can easily download and print. There are different templates for different purposes and they are highly customable.